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NEWPHARM® was founded in 2001 thanks to the intuition of Dionisio Bagarollo and following three decades of experience in the pest control and crop protection and biocide product field. Growth over the years, with his children Enrico and Claudia joining the company, has been gradual and organic, immediately acquiring a reputation of trustworthiness and reliability. This result is due to a clear business philosophy in which, in addition to customer focus, the goal is to provide solutions via a PROJECT and not individual products.

NEWPHARM® operates in two distinct areas through specific projects:

Agro and Biocides Division for warehouse storage of cereals and disinfestation and disinfection in the industrial, civil and livestock sectors.

Hospital Division with a line of medical devices for sterilisation and in the distribution of highly specialised surgical instruments.

The sales network of both divisions is well distributed throughout Italy and is directly followed by a staff of highly professional, experienced and reliable sales persons and technicians.


NEWPHARM® interprets the needs of customers, providing each of them with optimal and effective solutions. Their management is based on three key points:

1 – Know-how acquired by our agents, technicians and partner companies through years of successful industry presence

2 – Experience to ensure optimal results

3 – Commitment of all personnel to continuous improvement.


– Dynamic and flexible company, always open to innovation

– Technical research and development staff, which via practical tests ensures a solution to every problem with leading-edge technical applications

– Pre- and post-sale technical support

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