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NEWPHARM begins an important internationalisation process27.06.2019

NEWPHARM® EXPORT: NEWPHARM® begins an important internationalisation process, confirming its participation in the major European sector trade fairs in 2019

Dr. Bagarollo’s career started in Ciba-Geigy, where he worked as a Manager for over 30 years until the company’s merger with Sandoz Laboratories, which resulted in the establishment of Novartis. Back in 2000, Dr. Bagarollo acquired from the pharmaceutical company Novartis a line of biocides and phytopharmaceuticals products specifically designed for the zootechnical sector, professional pest control and cereals storage. That same year he founded NEWPHARM®. The company’s growth over the years, aided by the contribution of Enrico and Claudia – Dr. Bagarollo’s son and daughter, who have joined the top management of the company – has been gradual and organic, but NEWPHARM® has rapidly become a guarantee of quality, reliability and professionalism.

NEWPHARM® currently operates in 4 different areas:

Agro & Biocides Division, with post-harvest cereals ad-mixture solutions, pest management products, and a range of disinfection products designed for the civil, industrial, and livestock sector.

Home & Garden Division, with a complete line of highly effective and yet eco-friendly FITOGUARD® products, specifically designed for the care of the house and the garden.

Medical Division, specialised in high-tech medical devices for minimally invasive surgery.

IPM Division (Integrated Pest Management), with a complete line of biocidal products, devices and equipment for Professional Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management.

NEWPHARM®’s growth is progressing with the implementation of a solid 10-year investment plan. The company’s new Headquarters was inaugurated in 2016, a state-of-the-art building of over 10.000 m2. With its cutting-edge design in terms of sustainability and energy management, the new HQ is highly functional and planned to promote the well-being of the staff.

Later in 2017 Vega – a company operating in the Home & Garden sector – was acquired by NEWPHARM®, who took over the well-known line of FITOGUARD® products.

Since 2018, NEWPHARM® has carried on its process of internationalisation, with a new Export Sales Director joining the company at the end of April: Stefano Scarponi is going to oversee the International Exports Division for all NEWPHARM®’s lines, as well as supervise the IPM sales network in Italy.

NEWPHARM® is now facing a new turning point and is ready to take on the exciting challenge of expanding its activities in foreign markets. Nevertheless, the company is determined to keep its ethos, with quality, professionalism and tradition as its core beliefs.

NEWPHARM®’s market approach has always been structured around long-term objectives, with a sustained focus on offering high quality products to make its brand recognisable on an international level as one of the leading companies in the sector in Europe.

In the light of this purpose, NEWPHARM® has launched an ambitious international sales development plan: it includes the penetration of new foreign markets in addition to the creation of a new IPM/Professional Division, which is going to be implemented starting from the Italian market.

We believe that our international distributors are going to appreciate NEWPHARM® distinguishing features:

FLEXIBILITY: the dynamic structure of our organisation gives us the ability to evolve and adapt to the demands of an ever-changing market. NEWPHARM®’s international distributors have at their disposal a unique team of experienced professionals who can provide technical and commercial support to guarantee a rapid and efficient exchange of information.

INNOVATIVE KNOW-HOW AT THE SERVICE OF R&D: at NEWPHARM® we use our specialist knowledge of the sector to develop advanced, personalised solutions to meet the market’s demands for top-quality customisable products.

A FAMILY BUSINESS: the successful combination of family and business has always represented one of NEWPHARM®’s greatest strengths, and never acted as a barrier to the development of the company. Indeed, our family-based company structure simplifies the decision-making process, aiding the implementation of new strategies without delays.

MADE IN ITALY: one of NEWPHARM®’s strongest points is undoubtedly the added value of the “Made in Italy”. As a matter of fact, our company strategy consists of selecting for international export only products that have already proved to be the most competitive and effective solutions available on the Italian market. As a result, the brand NEWPHARM® has come to represent a guarantee of quality and innovation nationally and internationally.

In addition, NEWPHARM® is going to be was also one of the main sponsors of Pest World East 2019, an upcoming event of global relevance which is takingtook place in Abu Dhabi on 9th-10th April. This important international meeting is was organised and promoted as usual by NPMA with the support of Ecovar, and this year it will bewas also sponsored by TADWEER – Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center.