Compressed air equipment for spraying of insecticides and disinfectants


Its strength, flexibility and ease of use make it an ideal product for use in extreme conditions. 
CEREAL-SAN® MIST is made of: 
• 1 tank with 24/50 liters capacity of vertical cylindrical stainless steel form. The tank is subjected to a pickling treatment and electro-chemical polishing to ensure better corrosion resistance. 
• A distribution system, with manometer on tank, consisting of: 1 line with ball tap for liquid, 1 line with ball tap for air and pressure regulator.
• Connect CEREAL-SAN® MIST directly to compressed air. It is also possible to connect it to a mini compressor to make the equipment mobile (optional). 
• CEREAL-SAN® MIST allows micronization of 5 microns, and in 20 minutes covers an area of 5000 m3.  


To be used for environmental nebulizations. Particularly suitable for food industries, warehouses and storage areas. 


• Filler plug;
• Safety valve 8 bar;
• Pressure gauge 0-12 bar;
• Tap “air inlet”;
• Tap “liquid output”;
• Tap “air outlet”;
• N° 1 air liquid spraying head (deflected nozzle);
• Hand lance and 8 mt. spiral tube;
• Liquid flow regulator.

• Mini compressor;
• 50 liters capacity tank.