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Fly Bag

Ecologic disposable trap for fly control


FLY BAG represents a simple but effective way to reduce the fly population. Field tests have demonstrated that FLY BAG can capture up to 12,000 flies in one week. FLY BAG is composed of a nylon bag which needs to be filled with water (2/3) and a plastic lid.

Field of application
Civil environments, Food industry, Green areas,, Zootechny

Domestic fly (Musca domestica), little house fly (Fannia canicularis), barn fly (S. calcitrans), green bottle fly (Lucilia spp.), green blowfly (Calliphora spp.), grey blowfly (Sarcophaga carnaria).


Each trap comes with instructions for use and a water-soluble sachet of attractant bait FLYREX GRANULES.

  • Place the traps near the infested areas and where there is a high level of sunlight.
  • Fly Bag attracts domestic flies within a radius of 5 metres, while Calliphoridae flies within a radius of hundreds of metres.
  •  Fly bag needs 3-4 days to activate. If climate conditions are adverse, some extra days will be necessary.
  • In normal conditions, the bait can be changed after 6 weeks.
  • Flies are caught also inside stables.

Diameter: 19.5 cm
Height: 26.5 cm


TRAP 16 pc x 1

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