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Piper-SOL NF

Concentrated liquid deodorizer


Concentrated liquid deodorizer

Field of application
All cereals, Barley, Buckwheat, Cereal storage, Civil environments, Corn, Food industry, Green areas,, Hospital, Industry, Means of transport, Millet, Oat, Rice, Rye, Spelt, Triticale, Wheat, Zootechny

PIPER-SOL is a sanitizing and deodorizing liquid blend specifically designed, tested and manufactured to be used effectively in the Piper-NEXA. The product, supplied concentrated, is in liquid form, with a transparent color. The product must be diluted as follows, 4 liters of Piper-SOL + 6 liters of water.


Tank of 4 liters


TANK 4L x 1pc

Complete the solution for environmental treatment:

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