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Tech Cereal-San®

Automated control of environmental treatments


The technology of Tech Cereal-San®, in both versions “manual control” and “remote control”, through App on Smartphone, allows a good management of the pest control and pest control interventions in food industries and storage areas. The product will be sprayed through the spray head connected to the air-liquid tank for the desired amount of time. The air-liquid spraying device is equipped with a programmable control unit, a stainless-steel spray head and a 20 L tank.

Field of application

To use for environmental sprayings. Particularly suitable for food industries, warehouses and storage areas.


Programmable control unit through App and NFC sensor.

  • Tech Cereal-San® must be connected to the Wi-Fi net through the apposite application for Android or iOs Smartphones.
  • From the application, it is possible to manually switch on and off the device or program its functioning in specific hours or days, also very frequently.
  • Tech Cereal-San® can be remotely activated, for a safest treatment without having any direct contact with the treated environments.
  • 20 l tank

  • Air-liquid nozzle

  • Control unit + solenoid valve

  • 6/4 white rilsan tube (10 m) + blue tube (10 m)



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