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Vesparex® trap

For HORNETS, wasps and fruit flies


The VESPAREX® trap for hornets, wasps and fruit flies is an effective system for the mechanical capture of undesired insects in gardens, balconies, gazebos and other external areas. It can be placed also in orchards and vineyards. The colour of the trap contributes to attract insects which remain trapped inside.  

Field of application
Civil environments, Green areas,

13 x 13 x 12 cm


1. Open the white lid and pour about 100 ml of VESPAREX® or a attractant similar liquid, such as a sweet juice, syrup or beer.
2. Place back the lid and hang the trap in the interested areas.
The trap is not suitable for indoor environments and for the capture of mosquitoes.  


TRAP 24 pc x 1

Complete the solution for direct treatment:

Complete the solution for environmental treatment:

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