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Stefano Scarponi is NEWPHARM’ s new Export Sales Director27.06.2019

Stefano Scarponi is NEWPHARM®’ s new Export Sales Director

and IPM/Professional line’s Sales Manager for the Italian market.


NEWPHARM®’s growth has been steadily progressing since 2001, reaching an important milestone in 2017 with the acquisition of Fitoguard® and the development of Newpharm Home & Garden Division, in addition to the inauguration of the company’s new headquarters in a modern building of over 10.000 m2. NEWPHARM®’s plans for the future now include an increased focus on the IPM/Professional sector, and the internationalisation of both Agro & Biocides and Home & Garden Divisions. Stefano Scarponi’s appointment as IPM/Professional line’s Sales Manager for the Italian market and Export Sales Director for all NEWPHARM®’s lines (except for the Medical Division) has been announced as part of the company’s project to further develop its commercial potential maintaining the elevated standards and the reputation of professionalism built by the Bagarollo family over the years. Stefano Scarponi’s extensive experience stems from working in the Professional Pest Control sector for almost two decades, first for O.S.D. Ecotech Group, then for LODI International, and most recently for Bleu Line with the role of Export Sales Director.

“By having this new key figure join our team, – explains Dr. Dionisio Bagarollo, – we confirm NEWPHARM®’s ability to attract talented professionals from the most prestigious companies of the sector. I believe this is a result of showcasing a clear business strategy, based on skills and solid infrastructures, which allow NEWPHARM® to stand out for its flexibility and the effectiveness of its solutions”.

“Stefano, – adds Dr. Enrico Bagarollo, – will take on two important tasks. Firstly, he is going to enrich the customer portfolio in Italy for the IPM/Professional Division by creating a national network of technical-commercial experts capable of providing technical and commercial support to Italian PCOs. Secondly, Stefano will have the responsibility of expanding our Distributors network abroad for all NEWPHARM®’s production lines”.

“My arrival at NEWPHARM® represents a crucial step in my professional career, – concludes Stefano Scarponi, – NEWPHARM® is a modern corporate reality with a rich history rooted in one the most important multinational companies in the chemicals sector. Having the chance to contribute to the evolution of such a professional and competent reality gives me the enthusiasm needed to take on this new exciting professional challenge”.


You may find below Stefano Scarponi’s contact details:


Phone:           +39 342 8726473