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formicaAnts are Hymenoptera with a complex structure form the social point of view (queens, workers, soldiers). These are polyphagous arthropods, especially in certain stages of development, but they certainly prefer sugary substances.
Outside homes, they live in nests in the ground, also very deep, while, in times of greater fertility of the colony, they move into households through cracks, doors and windows. In summer, the fertile females develop wings and so they swarm, looking for new shores to found new colonies.
There are numerous ant species in Italy, some innocuous, others harmful for the agricultural and urban environment since they “feed” aphids and scale insects and cause trouble in the home.
Rational control focuses on the queens, responsible for propagation of the species, while often only exposed individuals are targeted, namely sterile workers and soldiers, on the move in search of food or simply attracted by the light. It is therefore useful to use flushing out formulas able to dislodge the queens from their nests, often hidden in crevices and cavities.

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