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zanzaraPhylum: Arthropods
Order: Diptera
Family: Culicidae

Diptera that due to their anatomy and physiology suck the blood of Vertebrates to reach sexual maturity and therefore reproduce. Man is therefore subject to attacks sometimes capable of causing the onset of serious diseases.
The dimensions of Culicidae are minute, ranging from 3 to 10 mm in wingspan; there is a noticeable sexual dimorphism with only the female having the piercing-sucking mouthpart. The voracity of these insects increases from dusk till dawn. During the day, they find shelter from the sun in the vegetation or in crevices in houses.

The most common species in our country is Culex pipiens L. although often, in cities, up to four different types of breeding grounds can be identified. Aedes albopictus L., known as the “Tiger mosquito”, of Asian origin, with slightly smaller dimensions than the common mosquito and with eggs very resistant to cold, deserves special mention. This Diptera is responsible for bites in broad daylight. It often multiplies in rainwater drains.

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