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Recidal® Sil

Natural powder with biophysical and dehydrating properties


Recidal® Sil is natural powder with biophysical and dehydrating properties made of diatomaceous earth. It can be used in domestic and zootechnical environments, green areas and all those areas infested by ants, fleas, mites, etc.

Recidal® Sil must be applied on the whole area to be treated. It is a ready-to-use product to use in ratio 30-50 g/m2 or it can be diluted in water. In the latter case, it is suggested to mix 1 Kg of Recidal® Sil in 3-5 L of water making sure to constantly stir the mixture during the application. 

Field of application
Civil environments, Food industry,, Hospital, Industry

Poultry Red Mite control (Dermanyssus gallinae).
Pests such as ants, silverfishs, moths, insects and arachnids in warehouse.


Small and medium-size areas: disperse the powder manually or with a duster.

Medium and large-size areas: disperse the powder with a duster or with a sprayer equipped with vertical bars or use the ventilation system.


Diatomaceous earth (Kieselgur): 100%


BAG: 1 pc x 2 Kg, 1pc x 15 Kg

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