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NEWPHARM® is a member of CEPA – Confederation of European Pest Control Business Associations.15.07.2019

NEWPHARM®’s decision to join CEPA, one of the most active working groups in terms of sustainability and innovation, represents a first important step for us. As a matter of fact, we are going to start promoting the “CEPA Certified®” UNI EN 16636 certification from 2020, as we believe it can be a significant asset for any professional in the Pest Management sector. The registration of Newpharm® to CEPA and the active participation in one of the most active internal “Sustainability and Innovation” Working Groups is a first, but important step for us, in 2020 we will continue the journey by starting to promote the “CEPA Certified®” certification UNI EN 16636 which we believe can be a competitive advantage for all professional operators in the Pest Management sector. The list of CEPA certified pest control companies in Europe can be consulted on CEPA website. Currently in Italy the most representative association in terms of number of associated Pest Control Companies is A.N.I.D., who also promotes CEPA’s standards.

For PCOs to become a UNI EN 16636 Certified Company is proof of their commitment to offering professional services, adopting modern procedures to satisfy their clients’ demands by respecting mandatory and voluntary regulations (e.g. Standard BRC, IFS), thus ensuring the hygienic and sanitary safety of food and beverages and protecting our living environment.

About CEPA

CEPA was founded in 1974 by Belgian, Dutch, French and Spanish national associations, in order to represent and defend the interests of their associates at European level.

History proved them right.

Today, around 80% of national regulations reflects the decisions taken at EU level under European directives.

CEPA in figures

CEPA is based in Brussels and it represents 25 national and regional trade associations.

The sector has a turnover of over 3,000 million euros generated by more than 10,000 companies with over 40,000 employees. In addition to associations, CEPA’s members are also manufacturers, distributors and service providers operating in Europe.

We are extremely proud to join CEPA because we have always believed that PCOs deserve professional training and information, especially in light of the evolution and the expansion that our sector has been facing in the last few years, both at regulatory level and in terms of products and services.