Professional Pest Management

Professional Pest Control is possible nowadays thanks to a complete line of Medical Surgical Supply and Biocide, products, specialized equipment, machineries and their components.


Solutions for Professional Pest Control

Newpharm® Professional offers a wide range of innovative solutions to prevent, monitor and defeat the presence of the principal pests in the HoReCa, industrial, food and livestock sectors. All this was achievable thanks to a sustainable and modern approach based on international protocols together with integrated strategies.

Residential environments and food industries

Pest control, rodent control and disinfection solutions

Protection of stored grains

Veterinary and livestock sectors

Integrated, natural and new-concept solutions

Maintenance of public green areas


Specific Professional Solutions

Newpharm® is not only the ideal partner for who is looking for a supplier, but also a great team of skilled experts who are able to support the Professional Pest Control Operators with high-quality solutions. Thanks to a deep knowledge of the sector, Newpharm® develops adequate and efficient Professional Pest Control solutions suitable to different sectors and are in compliance with the market requests.

Newpharm® has developed specific products and projects which had been previously tested in the field:

✓ Mosquito project
✓ Cockroach project
✓ Red mite project (Dermanyssus gallinae)
✓ Fly project
✓ Hygiene project
✓ Post-harvest grain storage
✓ Bitecare Endoinfusion – the evolution of Endotherapy
✓ Carbo


Professional products for the protection of environments

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