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Vegenet Avi®



Vegenet Avi® is a concentrated liquid detergent which acts against the dirt on surfaces and prevents the development of the poultry red mite (D. gallinea). The solubilizer action boosts the general cleaning on the livestock and indirectly works against the red mite’s aggregation and the establishment of new colonies. Since Vegenet Avi® acts directly on the surfaces, an even application of the product is essential for the efficacy of the treatment.

Field of application
Food industry, Means of transport, Zootechny

Mites: poultry red mites (Dermanyssus      gallinae – Ornithonyssus sylviarum).


The results of the treatment with Vegenet Avi® is strictly related to the quantity of product used; therefore, it is suggested the application with the nebulizer Vegenet Avi® EVO. 

With Vector-Avi® Evo:

In empty environments: apply diluted in water at 10% (10 lt of VEGENET AVI® in 100 lt of water) after a deep cleaning of the surfaces, cages and tools inside the livestock. 

During the production cycle: as an adjuvant in case of emergency treatments on the critical spots, apply at low pressure (2-3 bar) before being diluted in water at 10%. 

To avoid the formation of foam during the preparation of the solution add 1% of silicone defoamer.


Non-ionic surfactants less than 5%
Contains: solvents, acidity regulators.
The 100% of ingredients have natural origin.


TANK 1 pc x 10 L

Complete the solution for environmental treatment:

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