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Fly Box

Trap with water-soluble attractant for fly control


Thanks to the special formulation with alimentary substances, the bait can attract different species of flies and blowflies from considerable distances, creating real aggregation points. It represents an ideal solution for zootechnical (stables and animal shelters in general) and civil environments (food industries, camping sites, landfills, farms, holiday resorts, etc.).

Field of application
Civil environments, Food industry, Green areas,, Zootechny

Domestic fly (Musca domestica), barn fly (S. calcitrans), little house fly (Fannia canicularis), green bottle fly (Lucilia spp.), green blowfly (Calliphora spp.), grey blowfly (Sarcophaga carnaria).


Place in gardens or outside buildings, far enough from anything which might interfere with its attractant power. The kit reaches its maximum efficacy after 24-48 hours and remains effective for 30-60 days depending on light exposure, temperature, air currents, location and weather conditions. At the end of the indicated period, replace with a new bait.


TRAP 1 bait x 50 g
ATRACTANT BAIT 6 pc x 400 g (8 sachets x 50 g)

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