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Master BV 290

Diesel air heater with indirect heating


High-efficiency and diesel-fuelled air heater, based on the indirect heating technology. This machine blows a large volume of completely clean and dry air. Exhaust gases are piped outwards. It is ideal for areas where ventilation is limited, such as exhibition areas, food industries’ premises and other medium-sized and spacious environments. The machine can be placed outdoors, and the heat can be piped in the desired areas with a flexible hose. 

Field of application
Civil environments, Food industry,, Hospital, Industry, Means of transport, Zootechny

foodstuff bugs, among which Sitophilus spp. and Rhyzopertha dominica; Lepidoptera such as Nemapogon granella and Sitotroga cerealella; flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles and Indian-meal moths.

  • Product dimensions (cm) 160 x 70 x 115
  • Net /gross weight (Kg) 101/123
  • Air flow rate (m3/h) 3.300
  • Power (kW) 85
  • Power (Btu/h) 290.000
  • Power (kcal/h) 73.100
  • Tank capacity (L) 105
  • Fuel consumption (L/h) 8,1
  • Autonomy (h) 13
  • Power supply 220-240
  • Absorption (A) 14,6
  • Air outlet diameter (cm) 40
  • Smoke outlet diameter (cm) 15
  • Ventilation in summertime no
  • Protection IP 44
  • Thermostat yes

Clean hot air, Connectable to a thermostat, Connectable to a flexible hose, Smoke exhaust, High air flow, Overheat thermostat, Post-ventilation, Transparent external suction filter , Three diesel filters: pump filter, suction filter and inlet filter, Electronic flame control system with photocell, Heat exchanger, Combustion chamber made of stainless steel, Diesel tank with level indicator, Standard trolley included, Snorkel, Easy maintenance thanks to the external pump, Solid and very resistant structure, Diagnostic LED

Optional accessories
  • Rain cover


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