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Tech Mosquitoes Aer-San®



This is the world’s most advanced automatic nebulization system for mosquitoes’ control in outdoor areas.

Thanks to the special housing for concentrate formulations, both insecticides and hydrolates, the system prepares the mixture which will be automatically sprayed in each cycle.

Field of application
Civil environments, Green areas,

Mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects


The dimension of the area to protect will not be a problem, because the TECH MOSQUITOES AER-SAN® control unit can reach a coverage of up to 1.000 m2 with extreme efficiency. In the case of larger areas, it will be sufficient to install a second system, and so forth.

  • Powered by a 220 V motor
  • Connected to a water source
  • Mobile App for remote control

TECH MOSQUITOES AER-SAN® can be remotely controlled via the domestic wireless network. iTech Mosquitoes App will allow the user to be always connected with the system, with the possibility to:

  • Add further cycles to the standard schedule. During summer, there are times when the mosquitoes can be more present: adding further cycles helps to increase the protection from the insects.
  • Skip a scheduled cycle.
  • Control the product’s level. Thanks to the App, you can control the level of the product whenever you want, and you will know how many days are left before the next refilling.
  • Modify the memorized cycles’ schedule. Do you want to change the time of the cycles? Do you want to add another one? No problem!
  • Send a support request. Directly ask for help to your iTech Mosquitoes assistant for any need.
  • In case of damage of the system, the problem will be automatically notified via email, in order to act quickly without losing time. 

This is why TECH MOSQUITOES AER-SAN® is one of the best solutions for mosquito control in the world.



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